Happy New Year, BE YOU 2022

On the cusp of a New Year I like to take stock of:

  • What I have accomplished
  • What I have learned
  • What dreams I carry in my heart that want to blossom
  • What I’m holding onto (beliefs, negative thoughts, grievances) that isn’t serving me 
  • What new direction do I want to head in
  • What I am fighting for
  • What I am letting go of
  • What new habit do I want to create
  • How do I want to feel
  • What do I want to create
  • What do I stand for
  • Who do I want to be

Maybe you have your own list or maybe you would like to use this one. Write it all down because the process of writing (or typing) helps it to more powerfully establish itself. 

This will enable you to create momentum as you steer your energy in the direction of manifesting what you want and envisioning a brighter future.

Getting clarity and insight propels the ability to set the vision for the future that you want to see yourself in as you step forward into the new year.

Give thanks for the struggles in the past year that have shaped you, made you stronger, more compassionate and wiser.

Take some time to close your eyes and imagine a future that is worth living. See and feel yourself in it. 

The power lies in our imagination, our thoughts and our intentions.  Then living in integrity with what is true and feeling in harmony with ourselves as we create action or no action in the world.

I am guessing that we all share a similar and beautiful vision in which we all come together in a world that has no poverty, violence, greed, division, segregation, control or hatred. 

To live in a world driven by love instead of fear is worth imagining.  

Meanwhile, we have never seen such a movement towards the greatest polarization in this country since the civil war.  We need to proceed with both eyes wide open.

We are ALL suffering in one way or another.

One of my hopes and visions for the New year is that we all can come together no matter our race, political view, sexual orintation, health choices, religion etc…and not allow ourselves to be persuaded by fear or any other divisive tactic out there and wholeheartedly commit to being there for eachother!!

Give thanks for the struggles in the past year that have shaped you, made you stronger, more compassionate and wiser.

And remember this:

  • You deserve to be truly happy
  • You deserve to be inspired in your heart and excited by the plans of a great life in your mind. 
  • You deserve complete unconditional and delicious, uninhibited love.
  • You deserve to be appreciated despite the little challenges that you/we all work with being human–don’t let them define who you are at your deepest level of Self.
  • You deserve to love yourself and know that you are a unique individual placed here on this planet for a profound purpose, even if you’re unclear what that may be. 
  • Trust that you are still moving forward.
  • Be kind to yourself. And you will be kind to others.
  • Be gentle on your heart and all that you struggle with. 
  • Know that it’s okay that some things feel unresolved.
  • We are in this Life together.

Wouldn’t it be a miracle if we could simply all have each other’s backs?!

My New Year Wish For YOU:

  • I wish you healing. 
  • I wish you happiness, joy and bliss.
  • I wish you good health, well-being, balance in body, mind and soul.
  • I wish you to feel the LOVE that you are 

So you may fill yourself with that and Be that in your world.

You truly are an AMAZING human being.

Keep at it! 


Let’s make it great!

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