Inspiration For Tough Times

We witness the beauty within ourselves when we open our hearts to generosity, kindness and compassion for one another and for ourselves. This is the type of miracle that the light of the holiday season can evoke in us.

These pandemic times have turned our world on its head, and we are navigating uncharted waters like never before.  We all are struggling in some form or another.

I want to acknowledge the grief that is present within each and every one of us, for I am feeling it too. Please remember to give yourself some extra grace and love and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 When we can take a moment to simply acknowledge each other and reach out in kindness, truly we can make a difference. Offering a loving gesture goes a long way whether it’s as simple as a smile, making a warm meal, offering an ear to listen, a cup of hot cocoa or a big hug. 

Life is hard enough to not be kind.

Let us NOT allow these tumultuous times to divide us! Let us not allow fear to harden our hearts.

Whatever choices we individually make, we are still in this life together and it is ONLY by uniting that we will rise, for divided we will only fall.

What’s remarkable about the holiday season is that it encourages an opportunity to experience the magic that the light represents. Light is one of the most powerful symbols that we know of. It’s a symbol for life regardless of your religious, spiritual, cultural, or scientific views. 

There is always the choice available for us to focus on something that lights us up, that makes us smile, that is good in our lives no matter how simple. We have a burning desire as humans to be joyful, happy, inspired, fulfilled, creative, and free, to be able to fully express who we are, to love and be loved, and to belong. In fact, it is our birthright.

It is fullness in our hearts that moves us from limitation and fear to expansion and love.

When our hearts swell with all the goodness that is possible, we have more to give to ourselves and to those less fortunate. So, how can we create fullness in our hearts? The quickest way is by being grateful. Gratitude brings our attention to the present moment which is the only moment where miracles can unfold.

Take this moment RIGHT NOW, and together let’s fill our hearts with the light of gratitude. Place both your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and ask yourself:

What is it that I am thankful for in my life? Include thanking yourself for your health, your resilience, your inner wisdom, and for all the choices you have made that have gotten you this far.

What makes you smile? Who makes you laugh? What joyful memories can you reflect upon? Go ahead and fill yourself up with all this gratitude. Allow it to flow from your heart and warm your body.

The deeper our appreciation, the more connected we are to the light within us. This light is our true essential nature, which is pure LOVE itself! 

The more connected we are to our inner light, the more life flows with ease and harmony.

This holiday season may we join together and BE a beacon of light into the world in order to escape the darkness of fear and ignorance so that we may arrive at the light of a new and beautiful possibility!            

 Blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season, 💛xx     

*If you would like some proven strategies to move through the darkness into the light of your own being, and find solace in these tough times, I’m here for you – let’s connect!

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