Post Holiday Week, Feeling a Little Lost?

This week, coming off the holiday and heading into the new year can make us feel suspended.

I’m like, trying to be productive on a Monday morning and fight lounging on the couch mode ‘cause I’m exhausted from pulling the holidays off, kicking a little head cold and feeling closed in from the east coast ice blanket and frigid temps.

There’s a residual sadness from not being with loved ones we wished to be with this holiday.

Pressure is felt from that inner voice pushing to be productive, figuring shit out and getting things done during a season of rest and reflection. 

The Christmas tree is already dried out, and its branches hang downward as though giving a loud sigh and finally giving up.  I am not looking forward to the huge pine needle mess in the wrestle to get the ornaments off and the thing out the door.

In addition, we are also contending with the post holiday celebration. Most likely we’re sliding off of alcohol and sugar consumption, foods we don’t usually eat while having stayed up late to push through, all which can stress our systems.

We walk the balance every day.

I think this is a good week to recalibrate ourselves, get our bearings and turn ourselves towards the direction we wish to go.

This is a week for amped up self-care!

Here are 8 Ways to Do This:

1. Remember to take deep breaths

2. Give yourself a break

3. Give yourself some grace

4. Give yourself some more love

5. Realize all you do and have done 

6. Eat well

7. Hydrate with fresh water

8. Rest more

Give yourself permission this week to move more slowly as we head towards the New Year. The New Year is a time we tend to create new direction, pivot, generate energy, new inspiration and new goals.

But this week …RELAX SOME MORE!!!

I’m with you!

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