Self Doubt Kills More Dreams than Anything Else

As human beings we ALL struggle with self-doubt. Self-doubt is that weak little voice in our head that tells us that we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, good looking enough, talented enough, capable enough… and the list goes on. This self-doubt kills more dreams than anything else.

This inner critic has the ability to make us feel so profoundly and uniquely flawed, unworthy, and broken. Isn’t it amazing that this self-destructive inner voice has such immense power over us?!
This weak voice can hijack our dreams, stop-action dead in its tracks, kill confidence and make us a lesser version of ourselves.

This is the ego-self that strives to keep us safe and contained and resists growth because growth and expansion involve change, risk, discomfort, and uncertainty. The primitive part of our brain is hard-wired for safety, certainty, and what’ familiar.

The little ego-self does not have a wider perspective of what is possible.

Where Does Self-Doubt Originate?

If you think back to when you were young, you dwelled in wonder, curiosity, and love. You learned to walk, talk and explore your world with excitement free from all that negative commentary rattling off in your mind. You did not bash yourself for falling down when you were first learning to walk.

These are often seen as the days when you were innocent, carefree, and happy.

The standards of the culture and passed down programming from those around you, such as your parents, teachers, coaches, friends, etc… began to shape you in different ways. You slowly began to take on the cultural standards that were forced upon you.

You were taught how to behave and think that met the agenda of culture and of the people who influenced you. Feeling out of harmony with yourself, self-doubt settled in.

In order to relinquish the crippling traits and inner voices that do not reflect the real you, you have got to learn a process of unlearning in order to get back into integrity with yourself.

The real you feels harmonious, natural, effortless, and free.

How to turn Self-Doubt Around?

I have given up possibilities in my own life, I have settled, I have stayed small due to listening to the lies of my conditioning and my own inner toxic thinking. I get it.

There are some things you can do to relinquish the struggle with self-doubt and turn your mindset into a more positive, powerful force that catapults you toward manifesting your dreams rather than killing them.

“By being yourself, you put something beautiful into the world that wasn’t there before.”

-Edwin Elliot

Ways to Let Go of Self-Doubt

1. Let go of the negative (BS) thinking

Keep your ego in check by questioning your negative thinking and self-battering commentary. 1st of the time our thoughts are not true. Use interrupters such as “NO!” “STOP!” “F*CK OFF!” to stop the flow of mental negativity and then change your state by moving, going for a walk or exercising.

Choose positive truths over the lies your ego tells you every day.

2.Accept your flaws and overcome perfectionism

To be human is to be perfectly imperfect. There is no one else like you, just as there are no two snowflakes alike. Embrace your flaws as the uniqueness that makes you, YOU. Free yourself from perfectionism and live a happier, more carefree life.

3. Be More Compassionate to Yourself

Showing yourself more compassion for all that you struggle with will only serve to help you along your life journey. Make the choice to give yourself more grace and understanding every single day.

4. Meditate

Learn to connect to your natural state of being through mindful practices like meditation and yoga. By cultivating a relationship with the natural, essential part of you that is free from ego, you will connect back to that innocent, carefree, joyful part of yourself. Being in alignment with your true self is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

5. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small

Writing down your wins, achievements and successes help to build confidence and quell self-doubt. We forget how much we have done and all that we endured to get through a difficult time. Appreciate yourself for all of it.

6. Move Your Body

Exercising is key to being healthy, making us feel good and taming the inner critic that causes us to doubt ourselves. Moving circulates our blood flow and oxygen through our body revitalizing and nourishing our cells. We experience an elevated mood and a fresher perspective on life and ourselves.

7. Nurture Your Passions

Grant yourself permission to do what you love, so you can feel the joy of being connected to what inspires you. Self doubt kills more dreams than anything else, so instead, listen to your heart.

“There’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t need fixing. You already have everything you need to be confident and to live exactly the life you want. You only need to UNLEARN all the bad programming and incorrect thinking you’ve been given to unleash the incredible power within you.”

-Andrew Leedham, Unstoppable SELF Confidence

One More thing…

If this resonated with you and you are interested in taming the wild, toxic inner critic and build a happier, healthier life for yourself- click here to send me a message, I’d be happy to connect.

Mucho Love, xo


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